Felt their skin crawl و

A thin, close-fitting, usually elastic garment, especially a shirt, worn by scuba divers and others who engage in water sports for protection against scrapes and other superficial injuries. In fact, anything that crawls makes my skin crawl, my heart start pounding in my chest and I begin to hyperventilate

    المؤسسه العامه للتدريب المهني والتقنيشعار الرؤيه و
  1. to make your/a mark
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  3. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms
  4. a slow creeping pace or motion
  5. Dreambound Operators Tag: Director Alto Clef
  6. Escape From Asylum: An Asylum Prequel (2016)
  7. Red, itchy bumps on the skin
  8. Just to hear the story of the killingsmade my flesh crawl
  9. 1889 M
  10. With Julian Wells, Kevin G